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Festival 2020

durrfelt 2020



The Festival celebrated Beethoven's 250th Anniversary with Mendelssohn, Niels W. Gade, Rued Langgaard and Shostakovich performed by 
Nightingale String Quartett - Dmitry Ablogin, piano - Trio Vitruvi, Alena Walentin, flute and Henschel Quartett (ensemble in residence) 

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Program 2020


Beethoven at Herlufsholm
by Peter Dürrfeld

“The Beethoven year 2020 has long since begun, and had it not been for the many cancellations that the coronavirus has caused, we would already have heard a lot this spring, from and about the brilliant Bonn composer who came to the world December 16, 1770.

Fortunately, we can look forward to plenty of Beethoven in a hopefully warm summer week. Because in July from Sunday 12th to Friday 17th Beethoven will be played every day at Herlufsholm north of Næstved.

HICSUM has prepared everything for an exciting Beethoven festival with Katrine Nyland Sørensen as a permanent host and with excellent chamber ensembles such as the Henschel-Quartett, the Nightingale String Quartet and Trio Vitruvi as the musicians who will be presenting a number of the master's works.

These are, for example, a couple of the string quartets from opus 18, along with some much later in the same genre, namely opus 95, opus 127 and 135, as well as the string quartet opus 29 and the piano trio opus 70 # 2. The Beethoven works are complemented by chamber musical jewels by Mozart, Schubert, Mendelssohn, Niels W. Gade, Rued Langgaard, Bruckner and Sjostakovich.

Eternal music in the beautiful green surroundings - something life reassuring to look forward to in the summer to come.”


    Hicsum Durrfeld

Author and critic Peter Dürrfeld has written a new biography about Beethoven which is being published on April 6th.
The biography can be ordered here;


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About Mendelssohn and Gade


The Music history is full of astonishing ‘Wunderkinder’, exceptionally gifted children and youth with a talent that appears miraculously - "a wonder of nature", Leopold Mozart wrote about his son when Wolfgang was six years old. Felix Mendelssohn was the child of the upper class, his background and education was the best imaginable, but it cannot explain how he, as a 16-year-old, could write one of the most sparkling masterpieces, the outstanding original and engaging octet of 1825 for eight soloist strings.
Danish Niels Wilhelm Gade was lucky to be "discovered" by Mendelssohn just at the time when the Leipziger was a mega-name of his time. When he premiered Gade's 1st symphony in 1842, the success was so daunting that a Danish state paid for the 25-year-old Gade's trip to Leipzig, where he quickly made his own career. When Mendelssohn died only 38-year-old, Gade took over as the head of the Gewandhaus orchestra. And this was a decisive factor in the fact that he also composed an octet with Mendelssohn's great work as a model. A tribute to a brilliant mentor, and a thank you to Gade still alive achieved the status of his country's most famous composer ever.
/Karl Aage Rasmussen